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This Terrifying Dash-Cam Footage Is What Happens When Trucks Run Red Lights

How no one was seriously injured in this dramatic smash Stateside is a minor miracle, but the amazing dash-cam footage is a real eye-opener

Remind me later

Fair warning: make sure you’re not taking a sip of a very hot drink as just as the action kicks off in this video. It escalates quickly.

A Lowe’s truck runs a red light in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It’s like the driver doesn’t even see the intersection at all. A red Hyundai speeds into the side of the truck as it’s passing, punting the latter off its line, onto its side and into a pretty nasty crash, narrowly missing crushing the innocent driver in the car ahead of the camera.

Miraculously no one seems to have been seriously injured in the crash, although plenty of airbags will have fired and it sounds like a few tempers were understandably frayed. Check out the footage and do try not to do what this trucker did.