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This Stupid Car Meet Crash Happened When A Morgan Pulled Out In Front Of Another Driver

Scary footage shows the moment a Morgan 4/4 driver pulled out in front of a Peugeot 206 while leaving a car meet, causing a hefty crash

Remind me later

See? It’s not just Mustang drivers who do stupid things outside of car meets. Even the more, err, mature owners associated with Morgans can take a leave of their senses when a mobile phone-wielding crowd turns up, as this footage proves.

The video was taken at a recent car meet or show somewhere in the UK (if you know where, do give us a heads up in the comments), showing a 4/4 pulling out right in front of an unsuspecting Peugeot 206 driver. Perhaps the 4/4 guy didn’t look properly, or perhaps he thought his wooden-framed sports car could make the gap, but the end result is the same: a hefty crash.

The YouTuber who shot the incident states in the description that the “police immediately turned up and dealt with the scene,” and that “there were no injuries luckily”. The silver lining in a spectacularly dumb crash.