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This S2000 Shooting-Brake Is The Greatest Car Honda Never Made

These exclusive renderings show how amazing an S2000 shooting-brake would look

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Honda S2000 shooting brake We're big fans of the shooting-brake coupe look, and applaud Ferrari for resurrecting the style with its FF. But what would it be like if someone made a low-cost shooting-brake for the masses? Last year we saw what a Toyota GT86 would look like in this form, but now we've upped the ante with these exclusive renderings of a Honda S2000 shooting-brake. Honda S2000 shooting brake 2 With S2000 production winding up in 2009, it's too late for us to lobby Honda to make this thing, but who knows, maybe someone out there has the guts to convert their own S2k to look like this... What do you think of the concept?