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This Is Why We Need A Ford Fiesta ST Estate

We love hot hatches and epic estates: so why can't we have both in one package?

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There are two things in life we car people agree on: 1) everyone loves a reasonably priced hot hatch and 2) power-loaded load luggers are desperately cool. So why is it so difficult to find the spirit of both cars in one potent package? Granted, we've got the Fabia vRS estate and Mini JCW Clubman to choose from, but the only affordable hot hatch-cum-estate with real bite and ultimate usability comes from Ford with the Focus ST wagon. Like the hatchback, the load-lugger is powered by a 247bhp 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine, will hit 62mph from standing in 6.5sec and is good for a top speed of 154mph. Impressive. If a fast Focus estate doesn't float your boat, however, you're stuck for choice; which is exactly why we’re proposing the perfect package for Ford – probably the only company ballsy enough - to consider. Introducing the Ford Fiesta ST estate.

Business plan

Before we get stuck into the details, it’s important to remember one thing – the Fiesta ST will only be available in three-door guise in Europe, while a family-friendly five-door version makes it to the North American market. Naturally then, an estate model needs to be considered. Here’s why: It works for the Focus ST (Ford estimates the ST estate to make up between 10 and 15 per cent of UK sales), so why not apply the same logic to the Fiesta ST? After all, Ford does produce a Fiesta van and saloon model, not to mention a pickup version of the facelifted, fourth-gen car.
A small, but super-fast estate model would therefore be the next step for the Fiesta. The practical model would ape the hatchback’s performance figures – like the two Focus ST variants – enabling the Fiesta ST’s 180bhp 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine to propel the lightweight wagon (1120kg est) to 62mph in around 6.9sec and on to a top speed of 136mph.

How much would it cost?

The Focus ST's difference in price between hatch and estate - £21,995 vs £23,095 - represents a modest five per cent increase. It would therefore make sense for the Fiesta ST to follow suit - an OTR price of £16,995 for the current three-door means we'd be looking at £17,850 for its more practical brother.

The Benefits

Let's face it, an estate with the face of an Aston, the spirit of a hot hatch and the practicality of a skip (a small skip, admittedly) is the perfect recipe for success. Features of the Fiesta ST wagon would include roof bars, firmer suspension at the rear (to carry greater weight) and a useful increase in load 'luggability' from 276 litres (seats down) and 960 litres (seats up) to 414 litres and 1305 litres respectively. And let's face it, the UK is a nation of dog lovers, so let's load Milo in the back and head for the nearest beach. Via some brilliantly twisty B-roads, of course. Who's in?

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