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This Is the Brutal Damage A Passenger Airbag Can Do To A Windscreen

After a passenger airbag fired, this car's windscreen has been obliterated by the sheer force of the bag's expansion

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This is the brutal windscreen damage that can occur when a passenger airbag fires. The force of the bag’s deployment has totalled the screen, punching it so hard that there even looks to be a small hole in it, at the centre of the impact.

Many cars these days fire the front passenger airbag out of the top of the dashboard, and although we can’t tell what kind of car this is, the placement clearly isn’t without its drawbacks. The damage was definitely caused by the bag, the police say; not by the initial collision if there was one.

The photos were tweeted by a roads policing unit in the south of England along with a message never to put your feet on the dashboard. To be fair, looking at this we really don’t want to think what would have happened to your feet, ankles and legs if they’d been sandwiched between the bag and the glass, not to mention the damage to your face if your knees hit it with this sort of force. It’s okay to shudder; we sure as hell have done.