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This Is Probably The Huayra-Replacing Pagani C10

Pagani's all-new supercar for 2022 has been leaked, revealing a design with nods to both the Huayra and Zonda

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Pagani - This Is Probably The Huayra-Replacing Pagani C10 - News

2022 stands to be quite a hectic year for Pagani. As a kick-off, currently undergoing testing is the new Huayra R with a brand, spanking new naturally-aspirated V12 developed in collaboration with HWA AG. This month it was also revealed there’ll be another one-off Zonda, and most significantly, the Italian firm is to reveal an all-new supercar later in the year.

Dubbed the ‘C10’, it’ll replace the Huayra, which has been in production for nearly 10 years. And now, we reckon we know what it looks like thanks to a leaked image (above).

Pagani - This Is Probably The Huayra-Replacing Pagani C10 - News

The leaked snap appeared on Instagram before being taken down, but the Internet never forgets. The car we’re illicitly presented brings together design elements from both the Huayra and the Zonda, with Pagani staples like those oval headlight surrounds very much in play.

It has a fighter jet-style canopy that tapers dramatically at the rear, and a neat twin-element wing just behind. Although we only have a front three-quarter view for now, we’d put money on there being the trademark central-exit quad exhaust at the back.

Pagani - This Is Probably The Huayra-Replacing Pagani C10 - News

Thought to be shouting down those pipes is another twin-turbo V12 sourced from Mercedes-AMG. Don’t expect a big increase in power relative to the Huayra, though - Horacio Pagani has previously said that handling and weight-saving measures are the focus rather than outright performance. In this age of heavy electric hypercars that’ll happily crack 0-62mph in around two seconds, this approach makes perfect sense.

A production run of 300 is planned, and there’ll inevitably be a roadster version and a slew of special editions. The full reveal should be happening in the latter half of 2022.