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Here's How Donald Trump's Armoured Car Is Travelling Around Asia

With the President in the Far East, taking his unique brand of self-confidence to Japan, China and South Korea, the Secret Service has tweeted a couple of photos of how his cars follow him

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Image: US Secret Service
Image: US Secret Service

You know you’re powerful when you have a transport plane for your cars. The US President is just such a man.

His Secret Service detail recently tweeted a couple of pictures showing how the armoured cars he uses in the US are being transported to and around Asia as part of the President’s Far-Eastern mission to, err, win friends and influence people. Bigly.

The plane is a Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, a large military transport craft 53 metres in length with a 52-metre wingspan. It’s capable of carrying 77.5 tonnes of payload, and, fully laden, weighs 265 tonnes.

Of course, the fleet of cars inside it includes ‘The Beast,’ the armoured and truck-based Cadillac that has been the President’s state car since January 2009. It will resist most types of firepower but due to its weight it’s rumoured to top out at about 60mph. Fuel economy? About seven British miles per gallon, on average.

President Trump started his tour in style, by telling the Japanese that they don’t build enough North American cars in America. Currently about 75 per cent of Japanese cars sold in the US are built there, via 26 manufacturing plants and 36 research and development facilities.

Source: Motor1