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This Idiotic Truck Crash Rips A Freeway Gantry To The Floor

You can watch this video as many times as you like, but ultimately there's no good answer to the question of how this trucker is so unaware that his tipper trailer is fully raised. Inevitably, it ends badly

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Even if you were deaf and couldn’t hear the turbulence, one look in your mirrors and you’d know that your boot or tailgate was wide open. So how this trucker fails to realise that his tipper trailer is raised to its full height is impossible to fathom.

I mean, seriously: one look in either mirror. A single teeny-tiny glance in those strange reflective plates on frames outside his windows. The rest of humanity really isn’t asking much, but this American trucker seems to want that Darwin award just too damn much, careering full-tilt into overhead signage and wrenching the truck off its wheels, after which it fell hopelessly over.

This Idiotic Truck Crash Rips A Freeway Gantry To The Floor - News

This seriously dramatic crash happened on the Houston Loop in Texas. Apparently several drivers, including the one in the car we ride in courtesy of the passenger’s smartphone footage, had tried to warn the trucker about the accident waiting to happen, but even then he can’t have looked in his mirrors. The confusion just kicked up a gear.

It’s also a bit stupid that so many cars are still driving more or less right behind the truck as it’s clearly about to smash into an overhead gantry, putting themselves and those people behind them in danger. The footage seems to suggest the pickup gets hit from behind in the ensuing emergency-stop carnage that could have been prevented with just a whisker of common sense.