This Crystal-Studded Lamborghini Huracan Is 602bhp Of WTF

When you're rich, like fast cars and love crystals, what else is there to do but buy a Lamborghini Huracan and cover it with 1.3 million of Swarovski's finest?

Remind me later

We’re all different. We all have different tastes and that makes car culture rich, diverse and, most of the time, tolerant.

Yes, we may engage in a bit of Mustang or Civic-related banter now and again, but we’re also quite clear on the fact that we quite like the Mustang, and we love a hot Civic. But when it comes to sickeningly rich socialites and their taste for car mods… we can start to struggle.

Thankfully this vajazzled Lamborghini Huracan isn’t something we have to look at often. It belongs to London-based Daria Radionova, who’s in her early 20s and “would love to cover everything in crystal.”

She starts with her cars, it seems. The jewel-encrusted Huracan is the product of a company called Vinceri that specialises in crystal-based customisation. What you see here is a total of 1.3 million Swarovski crystals embedded into the paint.

My panther 💎💣

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The extremely thin young woman, who recently claimed to be ‘eating non stop’ on a recent trip to Dubai and absolutely has not had any filler injections in her lips, demonstrates a life with priorities in all the right orders.

She has previous with crystal-covered cars, too. Her first attempt was a Mercedes CLS350 with around a million crystals glittering away on its paint. She then swapped it for a Continental GT with only part crystal covering. The rest was velvet wrap, obvi.

We’re not sure how you wash a car covered with Swarovski crystals, but we’re 100 per cent sure that she has never, ever washed one of her own cars. One other thing is for sure: this is one distinctive Huracan. We know a man who needs to see this…

Source: Motor1