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This Budget Gymkhana Video Is Even Better Than The Real Thing

We're rather partial to Ken Block's Gymkhana shenanigans, but this low-cost alternative is - if anything - more satisfying

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Believe it or not, there have now been nine Gymkhana videos from Ken Block. We love ‘em all, but they have gotten increasingly elaborate and blockbuster-esque as the years have gone by.

Thankfully, a chap called Tyler Witte took it upon himself to film his own stunt-filmed video in a similar vein, featuring a heavily modified, early Subaru Impreza. It’s inevitably less refined, which we reckon makes it even more enjoyable. It’s about the car and the driving, and nothing else.

Gymkhana imitations - and indeed Gymkhana parodies - are nothing new, but we’re not sure we’ve seen one quite as spectacular is this. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…

Via Motor1