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This Brand New Honda NSX Was Allegedly Crashed Straight After Leaving The Dealership

The NSX is one of the most traction- and grip-heavy cars you can buy today, so this apparently immediately post-purchase crash is one the driver will want to forget

Remind me later

Having experienced the Honda NSX’s biblical traction and stability for myself, I can confirm pretty categorically that to have a single-vehicle crash in one you’d have to be either asleep, a total moron or just a really, really bad driver.

We wonder which one of those groups the driver of this white one falls into. Stranded in what looks like a pub’s beer garden, the YouTube video claims that this was a brand new car that had just been driven away from a Honda dealer around the corner.

Here's one NOT crashing
Here's one NOT crashing

The front bumper has been ripped off, the front wings are certified KIA and the bonnet looks crumpled enough to be scrap, too. How the hell the guy managed it is beyond us. It doesn’t look like anyone has been hurt, thankfully, except for the driver, whose pride must still be in A&E.

On top of that, we think his friends might soon be putting him in the burns unit, if you know what we’re saying.