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This Biker Rides For His Life After A Lunatic Driver Tries To Ram Him Off

We don't know much about the events leading up to this video, but whatever went on between this pair of motorists seems to have flicked a 'must destroy' switch on in the car driver's head

Remind me later

Find out what happened before this footage in this newly-released video!

The video uploader and guy on the bike had this to say:

Please understand everyone, that I’m not an experienced rider, I will admit when I am wrong. all of this stuff wasn’t on purpose but an attempt to get away, I didn’t chose to get on to on coming traffic, he blocked my path on both lanes, I didn’t want to harm myself or other people, which is exactly what happened, no one got hurt, everyone, even the guy goes home. a police report is the most I will do. no one got hurt everyone goes home. that’s the end goal. if I was more experienced then yes it could have been differently. but I was in fear of my life, and panicking.

Obviously, there are two sides to every story, and the truth will eventually come out about what really happened leading up to this shocking sequence of events.

What’s your theory?