Darren Cassey 4 years ago 0

This AMG Driver Rewards Politeness With Powerslides

A quick thank you and he's on his way... sideways

Remind me later
Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 16.59.37 If everyone was a little more polite on our roads, driving would be a far more pleasurable experience. Unfortunately the usual response to kindly allowing someone into your lane is at best a nod of approval. More often than not, complete ignorance of your gesture is observed. It makes you wonder if it's worth the bother next time. Screenshot 2013-08-29 at 17.00.07 What we need is a little motivation, and we think we've found the answer. The driver of this C63 AMG gets caught behind a bus when he intends to turn right at the junction. Instead of aggressively blocking his queue-jumping antics, our camera car politely waves the Merc across. A quick "thank you" flash of the hazard lights shows his appreciation, then a bootful of throttle and opposite lock makes the gesture worthwhile! So next time someone lets you into their lane, remember: full throttle and tyre smoke will make their day. Video