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This Alfa Romeo 75 Has A 3.9 V6 That Revs To 9000rpm

The noise made by this 75's enlarged Busso V6 hitting 9000rpm might just be the best automotive noise we've ever heard...

Remind me later

Ladies and gents, today we would like to present to you a strong contender for the best automotive noise you’ve ever heard. Think we’re being over-dramatic? Play any one of these videos (all three, preferably), and you’ll hopefully see what we’re getting at.

The car in question is an Alfa Romeo 75 with the legendary ‘Busso’ V6 engine living in its boxy nose. But this is no ordinary Alfa V6 - it’s been englarged to 3.9 litres, sports individual throttle bodies, and, it revs to a spine-tingling 9000rpm.

We’re pretty sure we’re in love.

Source: OK Tech on YouTube via Reddit Cars