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This 9-Second Hennessey Demon Will Stalk Your Nightmares

As if the standard Demon's ability to wheelie away from the line wasn't alarming enough - Hennessey has given the beast even more power

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The Dodge Demon is already pretty quick off the line, when you tick all the boxes for properly-warmed drag radials, slimline and lightweight front wheels, race fuel and the full-fat ECU map. Nothing is ever so fast that the speed merchants at Hennessey can’t make it faster, though.

Applying a HPE1000 kit, like the ones you can get for the Jeep Trackhawk and Chevrolet Corvette, results in the kind of madness that will see you running nine-second quarter-miles and smoking just about everything else that rolls up claiming to be road-legal. A maximum of 50 Demons will be modified this way, says Hennessey.

Filmed completing a 9.14-second run at 152mph at Lonestar Motorsports Park on 8 May, the HPE1000 Demon is now the fastest Demon yet to hit the strip. It’s so damn fast we must have blinked and missed it, because we’re a bit late picking this up. John Hennessey himself said:

“The 2018 Demon is a street-legal rocket from Dodge, but we wanted to take the car’s impressive track times to an industry leading level.

“Over the past several months we have worked to develop a low nine-second drag car that our customers can drive to the track, put on an impressive show with blistering 1/4 mile times, and then drive home in complete comfort.”

This 9-Second Hennessey Demon Will Stalk Your Nightmares - News

The HPE1000 upgrade lifts the 840bhp car to 1035bhp at the crank (880bhp at the wheels) and slingshots the bonkers creation to 60mph in a frankly silly 1.9 seconds. A 4.5-litre supercharger replaces the meagre 2.7-litre factory item. Long-tube headers, a higher-flow induction system and improved fuelling are all included as well, and it’s all covered by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. That’s 48,000 attempts to beat Hennessey’s record…