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These Chocolate BBS Wheels Look Incredibly Detailed (And Delicious)

A company called 4Design has collaborated with BBS Japan to create an exquisitely designed chocolate mold

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These Chocolate BBS Wheels Look Incredibly Detailed (And Delicious) - News

Love cars and chocolate? This is a much cooler way of combining those passions than swinging by the Krispy Kreme drive-through for a chocolate-iced doughnut.

In a collaboration between a company called 4Design, BBS Japan and Fujita, some exquisite moulds have been created. Each is made from six pieces of CNC machined aluminium which are shot blasted and anodised. These fit neatly slot together to form a cube that’s about 10cm tall. Chocolate flows into the top, filling the space in the middle.

There are two moulds. One creates a mini version of a BBS Formula 1 wheel, and the other makes a BBS logo enclosed by a sort of cuboid cushion thing. Both chocolate pieces look to be very detailed, not to mention delicious. If you’re wondering how filling they’ll be, the wheel weighs in at about 40g, and the cushion around 50.

The project represents around six months of work. It’s intended to highlight the wonders of the casting mould, used in wheel manufacturing and countless other industries. At least for now, neither the moulds nor the chocolates are for sale, sadly.

These Chocolate BBS Wheels Look Incredibly Detailed (And Delicious) - News

Instead, 4Design intends to offer experience sessions with the moulds at the Factory Art Museum in Takaoka, which is just down the road from BBS Japan’s headquarters. According to Car Scoops), there’s also talk of opening up the experience to members of the BBS Wheel Owner Club.

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Established in 1983, BBS Japan is one of four wheel manufacturers currently in F1. From 2022, it’ll become the exclusive supplier of the new, standardised 18-inch wheels for the series. Although it was once a subsidiary, it’s been independent of BBS GmbH since 2013, meaning it hasn’t been affected by that company filing for insolvency last year.