There's Almost Nothing In This Gen 1 NSX Vs Type R Drag Race

In this brilliant representation of automotive progress, the Honda Civic Type R is shown to have similar performance to the old NSX supercar

Remind me later

The first-generation Honda NSX’s official power figure of 276bhp looks pretty modest these days, doesn’t it? The actual output was widely understood to be over 300, but even so, that’s comparable to Honda’s mighty hot hatch - the 316bhp FK8 Civic Type R.

This, of course, means a drag race simply has to happen. And handily, the folks at Car Wow have done just that, using the same 2005 Honda UK heritage NSX we tested a few years ago.

We won’t be giving away the results, because there’s almost nothing in it at the end of the standing-start race. We’re also shown a rolling-start race - which isn’t quite so close - and a very evenly-matched brake test.

Place your bets!