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The VW Golf 8 Estate Is Primed For Ikea Glory

The VW Golf Estate is back and roomier than ever, with up to 1642-litre of load space to use

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The VW Golf 8 Estate Is Primed For Ikea Glory - News

With the seats folded down in the new, Mk8 VW Golf Estate, you have a cavernous 1642-litre space to fill with stuff. That’s 140 litres more than you get in a BMW 3-series Touring, and not far off the size of the boot in the much larger 5-series wagon. Just don’t let your friends know, or you’ll constantly be roped into helping them move and/or fetch large boxes of flat-pack furniture with unpronounceable names from Ikea.

The maximum amount of luggage space available has jumped by a considerable 22 litres, and even with the rear seats up, you still have 611 litres to play with - six more than before. It’s partly thanks to a 38mm increase in the Golf Estate’s length, through both a stretch in wheelbase and the body itself.

The VW Golf 8 Estate Is Primed For Ikea Glory - News

To go with all that room in the boot, there’s also a multitude of hooks and fasteners to attach things to, additional lighting, and if optioned, 12 and 230-volt sockets. The Golf Estate’s growth also means more legroom for those in the back - 941mm, up from 903.

VW hasn’t gone into details about the powertrains offered, although the line-up should mirror the Golf 8 hatchback’s. VW has said that all petrol engines hooked up to the company’s seven-speed dual-clutch ‘DSG’ gearbox are offered in ‘eTSI’ mild hybrid from - with a starter motor-generator unit and a 48-volt subsystem - while the TDI turbodiesel engines all featuring ‘twin dosing’ AdBlue injection and a pair of catalytic converters.

The VW Golf 8 Estate Is Primed For Ikea Glory - News

Eventually, there’ll be a Golf R estate, and hopefully a GTD wagon too. For now, you can choose between four main trim levels: ‘Golf’, ‘Life’, ‘Style’ and ‘R-line’, with the slightly lifted, all-wheel drive only Alltrack joining the range as a model in its own right.

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Inside, you get the same decluttered dashboard as the Golf 8 hatch. We’d normally object to a bunch of physical controls been stuffed into a touchscreen, but judging by our time with the smaller 8, it has been well executed here.

The VW Golf 8 Estate Is Primed For Ikea Glory - News

The Golf 8 Estate will launch in Europe during the final quarter of 2020, with sales elsewhere kicking off next year. Expect a starting price of around £25,000.