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The New BMW M4 Looks Like A Handful During The Infamous Moose Test

Spanish publication Km77 put the new M4 Competition through a moose test, something the M car struggled with

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Although the mention of the dreaded moose or elk test will conjure up images of SUVs leaning over on their door handles, the manoeuvre isn’t always a walk in the park for ground-hugging sports cars either. A few months back we saw a Toyota GR Supra only just scrape a pass when tested by, and the Spanish publication’s testing of the new G82 BMW M4 Competition revealed on-the-limit struggles too.

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Many rear-wheel road cars are set up to give a little understeer first before any oversteer happens, but not so in the M4. It quickly pushes into oversteer with barely a hint of understeer, despite the electronic stability controls being left on. It’s quick to react to inputs, the tester noted, but this wasn’t enough to avoid the wayward rear end clipping two cones on the first gate and one on the exit gate.

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Lowering the speed to 76kmh, the M4 makes it through without any cone casualties, but only just. It behaves similarly to before, albeit with less understeer. A further 77kmh attempt nearly yielded a pass, but the M4 hit the last cone on the left. In this test, the rear-left wheel was at one point seen bouncing over the track surface.

As you’d expect, upping the 79kmh makes for even more dramatic results. The slalom test meanwhile went much more smoothly for the car, though. The M4 was able to change direction quickly with little body roll and none of the oversteer shenanigans seen in the moose test.