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The M3-Engined BMW M2 CS Is The Porsche 718 Cayman's Worst Nightmare

Swapping its usual six-cylinder engine for the one from the larger M3 and M4 means next year's M2 CS is the car that could knock the Cayman off its perch as the best car in the class

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Although the BMW M2 has earned the sort of rave reviews that the famous M Division had been falling short of in the few years before its release, the Munich speed freaks have kept their feet well and truly on the loud pedal with an even madder M2.

The M2 CS will use the S55 double-blown straight-six from the M3/M4 brothers to give an extra performance kick over the usual M2 motor, which is apparently close to its performance limits bearing in mind cooling and reliability. There’s also speculation that using the S55 platform will allow better production efficiency for an M2 GTS to follow the CS as the M2’s run-out final hurrah.

It’s a car we’ve known about for a while, but now we know how powerful it’ll be, courtesy of a new report in Car Magazine.

In the M2 CS, the 3.0-litre twin-turbo straight-six will shove 402bhp and 370lb ft to the rear wheels, marking 37bhp and 27lb ft increases over the standard M2. Weight is said to drop by 25kg thanks to an aluminium roof, composite body panels, thinner glass and lightweight seats unique to the CS. It’s not a limited edition, but it should still feel special.

It will smash into its 155mph speed limited unless BMW decides to set the bar higher for the CS. The 0-62mph sprint is shot down in 4.2 seconds; just a tenth faster than the regular M2 because of the obvious traction issues, but beyond that speed the CS should come into its own both in a straight line and on track.

It’s expected that production will start in March next year, with deliveries slated for the summer. UK prices should be around the £52,000 mark, which should make the near-£54,000 four-cylinder Porsche 718 Cayman S very nervous…

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