The Heroic Dodge Ram Driver Who Stopped A Dangerous Police Chase Is Getting His Truck Repaired For Free

Members of the public and several companies have pulled together to help hero Bryson Rowley get his Dodge Ram repaired

As you can see from this image, the Dodge Ram which Bryson Rowley used to stop a potentially deadly police chase emerged almost unscathed compared to the Hyundai Veloster it hit.

There is still damage to be repaired on the truck, but the great news is that members of the public have pulled together to help Bryson get the Dodge fixed up.

Not only has a fundraising page been set up, but several companies including Fusion Bumpers have also offered to supply replacement parts for the damaged Ram.

To recap, the incident occurred when a 14-year-old stole his grandfather’s Veloster, and went charging through a park in Syracuse, Utah, while trying to evade police. The boy almost hit several children in the process, and was turning back towards the park when Bryson stepped in, stopping the Veloster dead by hitting it almost head on.