The Grand Tour Gave 'The Stunt Man' A Second Try, And It Didn't End Well

With his sad little flop into a portable building fresh in the memory, the stunt driver has been granted a second bite of the cherry by Richard Hammond, and you totally know where this is going

Remind me later

The Grand Tour producers seem to be getting impatient, or something; they’ve published another video featuring the same stunt driver we saw jump-crashing a Renault Sport Clio 197 into a mocked-up portable building earlier today.

This time the unnamed stunt supremo is behind the wheel of a Renault Sport Megane. What happens next is a bit painful to watch. He wheelspins violently away from the line and… more or less immediately puts two wheels up a ramp attached to the end of some safety barrier, flipping the Megane over with gusto.

The Grand Tour Gave 'The Stunt Man' A Second Try, And It Didn't End Well - The Grand Tour

The white hot hatch rolls over several times. Bits come off, other bits get squashed, and no, it won’t buff out. We’re actually a bit sad to see that car destroyed. Unless it was a cheaply-repaired MOT failure and death trap, in which case we’ll let the producers off.

What this second clip does show, however, is that the Clarkson/Hammond/May/Wilman silliness is very much intact. Things are ramping up, if you’ll forgive the pun.