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The F1-Inspired Renault Twizy For The Modern City Man

F1 wheels, spotlights, a slammed ride and big air ducts make this Twizy the ultimate city car

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We all love the Renault Twizy. Fact. And when we drove it late last year, we rated it highly for its 'acid-trip fun-factor', great looks and back-to-basics approach to safety tech. Chronic understeer was something we mentioned too, but with its limitless charm, who were we to hate everyone's favourite quadracycle? But things have changed. We're now into 2013 (Happy New Year by the way) and were all defiant enough to overcome the end of the world. For those reasons, we at CT have come to question the meaning of life. Which is why we're focusing on making the world a better place in 2013; starting with pimping the hell out of a Renault Twizy to transform it from a beloved city vehicle to the ultimate city slicker for the modern city man. Let's compare old with new:

Standard Twizy

CT-Pimped Twizy

Pimped Twizy is a heady mix of F1 inspiration and added cool This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the world needs. Big F1 tyres not only look magnificent, they also endow the Twizy with a larger footprint for 'safer' cornering and a more comfortable ride. Top speed is reduced from a frankly reckless 50mph to 37mph (because of the wider tyres), while impressive wheel camber aids cornering stability further. Look at the ride height. This reduces drag and gives the Twizy a purposeful and impressive stance. Those Facebook pages will therefore worship this ride and scantily clad ladies will be queuing by the pair to make their F1 Twizy glossy pics debut. And don't worry about beaching yourself on speedbumps either. This Twizy naturally features hydraulic suspension, much like Denzel Washington's Chevy Monte Carlo SS in the epic film Training Day. Large spotlights add rally cool to an otherwise city-shackled vehicle and larger cooling ducts mean the Twizy's 17bhp electric motor won't overheat due to added friction from the sticky F1 wheels. Finishing off the F1-inspired Twizy's bold new look are slick wing mirrors and flashes of chrome. Concerned that this Twizy's girth now matches that of a DTM Mercedes racer? Well, don't be. The standard quad's 1.19m width means it's already too chunky to slip through traffic like a moped. So why not sit in unrivaled style and cool? Who's with us?