The Aston Martin Lagonda's Quirks Just Keep On Coming

Doug DeMuro gets to grips with what he calls the weirdest luxury car ever made, which means we're in for some top-drawer quirk action...

Remind me later

You know that when the king of quirks himself says that a car is the weirdest of its kind ever made, it really was as mad as a basket of badgers.

Doug DeMuro has borrowed an Aston Martin Lagonda for one of his regulation feature-finding videos. It’s one of his favourite cars, he says, and it shows. With his usual enthusiasm he examines the laugh-out-loud retro instrument screens, the centre console that looks like a 1980s games console and the totally unnecessary 10 headlights.

The Lagonda is a true gold mine of weird and wonderful features, and it’s one of Doug’s more interesting videos. How does an odometer in the engine bay (no, really) grab you? Check out the 33-minute video above for much more of that kind of madness.