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The All-New, 500bhp TVR Griffith Is At Last Here

TVR's first new car for over a decade has been revealed at the Goodwood Revival, and it's brought back the Griffith name

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TVR - The All-New, 500bhp TVR Griffith Is At Last Here - News

It’s here. It’s actually here. No more teasers, no more titbits of information, because the all-new TVR has at last said its big hello to the world.

As well as relaunching the TVR brand after over a decade in the doldrums, the new car revives a name used on two former models: Griffith. And on paper at least, the curvaceous coupe should more than live up to its predecessor.

TVR - The All-New, 500bhp TVR Griffith Is At Last Here - News

We have a naturally-aspirated 5.0-litre V8 up front, which starts out life as a Ford Coyote engine - the sort you’d usually find in a Mustang GT. It goes off to Cosworth for a little fettling, and it comes out the other side with 500bhp. And yes, it’s hooked up to a six-speed Tremec manual gearbox, with no automatic option in sight.

The bodywork is made from carbonfibre, which if you peel away, you’ll find a steel spaceframe, which has inner panels - also made from carbonfibre - bonded to it. The result is a car that weighs just 1250kg, giving the Griffith a healthy 400bhp per tonne to play with.

TVR - The All-New, 500bhp TVR Griffith Is At Last Here - News

TVR hasn’t gone into specifics with the performance stats, only that the Griffith will dispatch 0-62mph in under four seconds, and exceed 200mph. So, it should be suitably brisk.

Unlike TVRs of old, it doesn’t do without electronic aids entirely. It has ABS, and it does have traction control, but the interior shot above does show a very conspicuous and easy-to-reach ‘off’ button, should you wish to replicate the sphincter-tightening driving experience delivered by TVRs of old.

It should be more than up for tyre smoking shenanigans, too: the rear tyres - developed specifically for the car by Avon - measure a relatively modest 275mm at the rear, wrapping 20-inch wheels. The fronts meanwhile are 235 section, sitting on 19-inch rims. It’s not what you’d called over-tyred, nor is it over-sized: it’s significantly smaller than a Porsche 911, and slightly narrower than a 718 Cayman.

TVR - The All-New, 500bhp TVR Griffith Is At Last Here - News

As you’ve probably gathered by now, the point of the new TVR is driver enjoyment rather than outright lap times, and judging from the ingredients laid out before us today, it’s all looking rather promising. The only downside we can see so far is it doesn’t look quite as attractive as the initial renders (the woeful reveal pictures really don’t help, either), but a naturally-aspirated V8 and a six-speed manual box o’cogs more than makes up for this.

Want one? The Launch Edition is yours for £90,000. It’ll go into production during 2018.