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The 10 Best Comments On CT This Week

The weekend is here, which means it's time to look at the best comments from you guys!

10. How Not To Guard Roll

Best Comment 10

9. Another Deadly Sin of Motoring

copticket Best Comment 9

8. GTA Logic

Vice city meme Best Comment 8

7. Oversize Load

Oversize load Best Comment 7

6. Always Wear A Seatbelt!

Best Comment 6

5. Sports Cars for Ants

Ant cars Best Comment 5

4. Just Once, It Seems

cow on car sign Best Comment 4

3. A Scooby's Natural Habitat

Subaru in habitat Best Comment 3

2. Hoodscoop Logic

Domestic Rice Best Comment 2

1. You Thought UK Potholes Were Bad...

Canada v Chicago potholes Best Comment 1


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Testing Tesla's Autopilot System At 70mph

YouTube / Car Throttle

Editor's Pick

Today's community question: what's the best 'quirky' Nurburgring lap you've ever seen?

AX diesel Nurburgring record lap 9:55 BTG

YouTube / Nic BTG

My favourite is this awesome effort from a Citroen AX diesel driver, who manage to clock an astonishing 9:55 BTG lap.

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Following the news that VW cars are emitting higher levels of nitrogen oxide than is permitted, the manufacturer has been working on a way to upgrade engines in order to comply with regulations. The first fix is here, but only for European cars

This Is How Volkswagen Is Fixing Europe’s Dieselgate Cars - News
This Is How Volkswagen Is Fixing Europe’s Dieselgate Cars

This is my 2004 FPV F6 Typhoon 6 speed manual. it has a 4 litre inline six twin cam turbocharged engine. After years of owning a hot hatch i wanted something a little different. So after test driving the Typhoon I was instantly hooked!

Australia might be known to many as the place down under with more kangaroos than people, but did you know that it's also produced some damn good cars in its time?

The 10 Best Australian Cars Ever Made  - Blog
The 10 Best Australian Cars Ever Made

This is my jdm project car. slowly building and fixing, the engine doesn’t run but the car is in good condition no rust and bought it cheap :)