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Tesla Model S Driver Walks Away From Monumental Lorry Smash

A Model S in Germany kept its driver safe during a huge high-speed crash on the autobahn

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Even ignoring the potential for Autopilot preventing a crash, the Tesla Model S does a pretty damn good job of keeping you safe.

It has a five star rating in every National Highway Traffic Safety Administration category, and its roof was actually strong enough to break the equipment used to test its crush resistance. It’s that strength that probably saved the life of a Model S driver in Germany earlier in the week.

He was driving on a stretch of autobahn in Bruchsal at what’s been described by a local news outlet as “tremendous speed”, when he crashed into a stationary lorry. The impact was severe enough to leave the Model S lodged under the lorry’s trailer, but amazingly, the driver was able to leave the car and seek help, and was left with injuries that were serious but not life threatening.

Unlike the fatal Tesla crash reported in Indianapolis a few weeks ago, the batteries on this particular Model S did not ignite following the accident. The local fire department merely had to extract the car from under the lorry and remove it from the scene.

Source: Electrek