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Tesla Has Removed Its ‘Full Self-Driving’ Mode

Tesla has removed the Full Self-Driving mode from the options lists of its current models, after customers were apparently confused about the system’s capabilities

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Tesla - Tesla Has Removed Its ‘Full Self-Driving’ Mode - News

Tesla has dropped the ‘Full Self-Driving’ option from its cars over confusion reported by customers.

The mode is, of course, not a totally autonomous driving mode; such technology doesn’t yet exist. Its name was leading US customers to believe it was capable of driving anywhere, on any road at any time of day and in any traffic conditions. The name Autopilot has been criticised for the same reason.

Tesla - Tesla Has Removed Its ‘Full Self-Driving’ Mode - News

For a limited time the $3000 option will still be available, but ‘off-list,’ according to Elon Musk, who was recently forced out as formal top dog at the company after a series of misleading and financially impactful tweets earlier this year. It’s understood he effectively still runs the firm anyway.

If they wanted to take advantage of Tesla’s best semi-autonomous technology, Model 3, Model S and Model X buyers had to first stump up $5000 for the Enhance Autopilot mode, making it an $8000 expense in total.

Tesla - Tesla Has Removed Its ‘Full Self-Driving’ Mode - News

The mode will not return to options lists until it’s ready to live up to its billing, which could take some time, even if it ever happens at all.