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Terrifying CCTV Footage Shows A Car's Fall From A Multi-Storey Parking Garage

Footage has been released of a BMW 4 Series hitting the ground after crashing through safety barriers on a multi-storey car park, wrecking the car and landing the driver in hospital

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Holy mother of God, you might need to brace for this. What looks like a stunt carried out for TV or a new Tom Cruise movie has actually happened: a BMW 4 Series has fallen shockingly out of a multi-storey car park onto a passing SUV.

The deeply scary incident happened a couple of weeks ago in Austin, Texas, but only now has the footage been released. The driver of the BMW sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries, reports Statesman Media, after the car crashed through a barrier and nosedived back to ground level, luckily smashing into the floor with its chief crumple zone first, which may well have saved the driver’s life. We don’t know which floor it fell from, but the crash looks fierce.

Terrifying CCTV Footage Shows A Car's Fall From A Multi-Storey Parking Garage - News

It happened at about 8.30am, so there were plenty of other cars around, including an SUV that the 4 Series struck on its way down. This is the second time a car has smashed through the barriers at the Brazos Street car park in two years: a Toyota 4Runner ended up dangling off the top level last September. Amazingly, no one was hurt.

The parking garage’s owners have released a statement claiming that nothing like either of these accidents has happened in the prior 38 years, that the strength of the barriers had been checked and approved, and that the City of Austin had given its approval to the post-September repairs, too. As suggested on Jalopnik, maybe it’s time to swap the metal barriers for concrete walls.

Via: Statesman Media