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Take A Closer Look At The New Mercedes S-Class' Giant Screen

There's been another 2021 S-Class leak, this one giving a more detailed look at its huge central display

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The main takeaway from yesterday’s bumper 2021 Mercedes S-Class leak wasn’t the exterior looks, although there’s still plenty to talk about there. No - the key focus was the enormous screen.

Mirroring a similar setup on the EQS concept, the giant central display sits on a diagonal plinth that sweeps up from the centre console. It’s significantly bigger than any other infotainment setup Mercedes has ever put in a production car, and now - once again via CocheSpias on Instagram - we can have a closer look at the unit.

Along the bottom portion of the screen are all the climate controls, which we suspect will remain there regardless of whatever other functions you might be using on the display. Physical buttons are extremely limited - we can make out an on/off switch, volume controls, a hazard light button and not a whole lot else along the strip at the base of the screen.

Also in the cabin, there are EQS concept-style vertical vents, and what looks to be the same design of steering wheel seen in the updated E-Class. On the outside, yesterday’s batch of images showed slimmer headlights, a bigger grille, and CLS-like triangular rear clusters.

The 2021 Mercedes S-Class takes interior inspiration from the EQS concept
The 2021 Mercedes S-Class takes interior inspiration from the EQS concept

Mercedes is expected to ditch the usual choice of wheelbases instead making it longer as standard. Power will come primarily from mild-hybrid inline-six diesels and petrols, with a meaty 4.0-litre twin-turbo AMG V8 expected to arrive at some stage. Against all odds, there will still be a twin-turbo V12 option, if the latest batch of rumours is to be believed.