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Surprising Thing Happens At Cars And Coffee Event In Houston

Some showboating outside a cars and coffee event in Houston, Texas led to an embarrassing crash. Who'd have thought?

Remind me later

It’s pretty well established by now that as soon as mobile phones start filming outside a cars and coffee meet, showing off will follow. Showing off that - as we’ve seen time and time again - often leads to bent metal.

The latest cars and coffee faux pas comes from this recent event in Houston, Texas, where a fifth-gen Dodge Viper owner got a little greedy with the throttle while leaving the meet. This caused a spin, and an intimate encounter with the pavement.

Thankfully no one was injured, and the speed was relatively low. That said, the way the car hit the kerb looks to have done some fairly extensive damage, as evidenced by the sickening angles of the driver’s side wheels following the wreck. Ouch.

It’s this kind of nonsense that puts car meets under grave threat, but still, the bystanders laughing at the Viper driver’s expensive spin does seem a bit mean-spirited…