Someone Has Built An LS7 V8 That Revs Beyond 11,000rpm

EFI University's 'Project Spinal Tap' LS7 V8 has hit its 11,000rpm goal following three years of hard work

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11,000rpm is a figure that’ll probably seem fairly familiar to you right now. We’ve been talking a lot recently about the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar, which has a 6.5-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 that tops out at a ridiculous 11,100rpm. Not bad for a road car, right?

The trouble is, the Aston costs at least £2 million, and only 150 will ever be made. Which is why we like this V8 - it’s an 11,000rpm-capable engine that’s a little more of the people.

Someone Has Built An LS7 V8 That Revs Beyond 11,000rpm - Tuning

That’s not to say creating this high-revving monster - dubbed ‘Project Spinal Tap’ - was easy. The V8 - which started life as a regular LS7 - has been a three-year labour of love for EFI University founder Ben Strader. The bulk of the work involved creating a valvetrain that wouldn’t shake itself into oblivion when pushed way beyond the stock redline of 7000rpm. In the dyno test you see here, it hit 11,230rpm.

A partnership with COMP Cams help deliver the goods, and here we are. Strader told Engine Labs that the LS7 hit 921hp (908bhp) at 9300rpm, while peak torque of 545lb ft arrived at 8000rpm.

More importantly, though, what do you think about the way this thing sounds?