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Soldier Steals Armoured Personnel Carrier And Leads Police On 60-Mile Chase

The armoured vehicle was stolen from a National Guard base in Virginia and driven through Richmond

Remind me later

If you’ve played any of the Grand Theft Auto games in your time, you probably remember the glorious moment you first stumbled upon the map’s military base. You probably watched a YouTube video (or if we’re going back a few years, found an online ‘walkthrough’) to figure out how to sneak in without getting a wanted level, grabbed some angry-looking military vehicle, and made your way out to cause chaos around Los Santos/Vice City/Liberty City.

What you’re looking at here is someone doing just that. Well, not quite: it was IRL. A soldier stole this armoured vehicle - which looks to be a variant of the M113 - from Ford Pickett National Guard base in Richmond and drove it and full chat full through Richmond.

Police were powerless to stop the vehicle, which reached speeds of up to 40mph during the two-hour, 60-mile pursuit. During that time it didn’t crash into anything, and no one was injured.

Eventually the vehicle stopped on a central reservation, at which point the soldier got out of the vehicle, only to be tasered and arrested by authorities. He has not yet been identified.