Simon Cowell Just Bought The World's Sexiest Car: The Eagle Speedster

Simon Cowell has just taken delivery of this beautiful Eagle Speedster

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Fan of high-waisted trousers and full-time music mogul Simon Cowell has just taken ownership of a stunning Eagle Speedster. Thought of by many as the world's prettiest car, the Speedster was made famous by Clarkson's stunning Top Gear review. To make the car, restoration company Eagle reworks the famous Jaguar E-Type, adding 21st Century modernity to its 1960s class. The cost? A cool £650,000.
Eagle E-Type Source: Eagle
The Speedster gets an all-aluminium body, which houses a 4.7-litre six-cylinder engine. With 310bhp on tap, it'll break 60mph in under five seconds and has a top speed of 160mph. According to the Daily Mail, Cowell contacted Eagle based on Clarkson's rave review. Fair play, Cowell, you've got incredible taste when it comes to cars.