James Mackintosh 14 years ago

Shanghai 2009: Buick MPV Concept

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The minivan is dead; long live the minivan. Or something like that.  While the Minivan market has pretty much cratered in the US, the possibility of a luxurious people carrier makes a lot more sense in China.  And Buicks apparently make a lot more sense in China.  Thus, this: the Buick MPV concept. It's a co-design between Buick and the Pan-Asia Technical Automotive Center, who was also partially responsible for the rather pretty Riviera concept from back in 2007.  For a minivan, it's quite well-styled: it's even got a hint of Citroen to me from the side. Buick MPV Concept 2009 I'm not sure the extent to which there's really a market for a vehicle like this in the US, though.  I mean,  Buick's last minivan - the oddly named Terraza - went over like a pork chop in a mosque in the US, due to it being a steaming heap of junk and looking like a toaster.  This one's pretty attractive, but don't hold your breath to see it here on US shores.  Not that you were. 2009 Buick MPV Concept interior Still, executive transport is a big market in China, and this makes sense there.  The focus isn't so much on storage bins and flip-down TV's with Nickelodeon on them for the kiddies so much as being a peaceful, serene way to transport businessmen from one function to another.  Or in Buick's words, "land-based business class."  You'd think they'd shoot for first class, but what do I know? Buick MPV Concept 2009 Man, that's a big grille.  Perhaps it's a status symbol in China.  Still, this is easily the best looking minivan I've ever seen.  Stay tuned for more details. Photos courtesy AutoBlog China.  Thanks guys.