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Say Hello To The Sharper Yet Friendlier 2019 Honda NSX

Honda has tweaked its hybrid supercar to sharpen up the handling for when you're in the mood and make it softer for when you're not

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Honda - Say Hello To The Sharper Yet Friendlier 2019 Honda NSX - News

Here it is, the new-ish Honda NSX. It’s been tweaked for the 2019 model year to make it that little bit sharper when you’re giving it what-for, but also more comfortable when you’re in a more relaxed mood.

To kick off proceedings, we have bigger anti-roll bars, upping the stiffness by 26 per cent at the front of the car, and 19 per cent at the rear. The rear hubs and control-arm bushings are beefier too.

The engine has been treated to uprated fuel injectors and a new particulate filter to help the car comply with ever-tightening emissions regulations, while the heat management of the turbocharger has been improved. Rounding off the hardware changes are a set of Continental Sport Contact 6 tyres, which will give a reasonable increase in performance compared to the Contact 5Ps fitted to the pre-update car.

Honda - Say Hello To The Sharper Yet Friendlier 2019 Honda NSX - News

Honda’s engineers have also fiddled with the software for the hybrid powertrain, the electric power steering, and the magnetorheological dampers. The idea of the latter tweak is to make the car ride a little smoother in its more cosseting setting Lovely.

When everything’s turned up though, all the other changes make quite a difference: Honda says the fettled NSX is two seconds faster around Suzuka.

It looks pretty much the same on the outside, but there are some very subtle revisions, like ditching the chrome upper bit of the front grille for a body colour item, and adding some gloss black bits to the bumpers. Oh, and a less subtle change is the new Thermal Orange Pearlescent paint orange, which you can see here. We’ve just decided it’s the only colour you’re allowed to order your 2019 NSX in.