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Say Hello To The 542bhp Jaguar F-Pace SVR

Jaguar's SUV has been given the SVR treatment, which includes the fitting of a 5.0-litre supercharged V8

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Jaguar - Say Hello To The 542bhp Jaguar F-Pace SVR - News

It’s now over two years since the debut of the last full-production SVR, but at last we have a follow up to that noisy all-wheel drive F-Type. It’s not an M3-baiting XE SVR, nor are Jaguar gunning for the likes of the Mercedes-AMG E63 with a V8-powered XF. Nope, what the British firm has chosen for a V8 power injection is the F-Pace crossover.

But don’t go thinking it’s a slouch: Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations bods have given this tall, relatively heavy SUV the full-fat 542bhp version of the company’s Ford-built 5.0-litre engine. Thanks to a huge increase in power over the 375bhp, V6-powered S model, this particular F-Pace will do 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds, and top out at 176mph.

Jaguar - Say Hello To The 542bhp Jaguar F-Pace SVR - News

Naturally, this means the SVR’d F-Pace needs meatier stoppers. It gets whopping 395mm discs at the front, and 396mm rotors at the rear. Meanwhile the car has been given a bespoke suspension setup featuring stiffer springs, uprated adaptive dampers and beefier anti-roll bars. There’s also an active rear differential - the first time one has been fitted to the F-Pace.

Jaguar - Say Hello To The 542bhp Jaguar F-Pace SVR - News

Helping the aero side of the equation while adding a pinch of badassery, we have a litany of new body parts. The front and rear bumpers are new, as are the lower side skirts and the boot spoiler. A vented bonnet helps extract how air from the engine bay, while vents on the wings help lower the pressure in the front wheel arches. You’re looking at better cooling, less lift, and less drag as a consequence of all the changes.

21-inch wheels are fitted as standard, while forged 22-inch rims are an option. The standard F-Pace doesn’t ride particularly well on its 22s, so on the stiffer SVR version, they may be worth avoiding.

Jaguar - Say Hello To The 542bhp Jaguar F-Pace SVR - News

Want one? The car goes on sale this summer, with on-the-road prices starting at £74,835. It’ll make its public debut at the New York Auto Show.