Sabine Schmitz Made Chris Evans Sick During Top Gear Filming

In the latest development for the disaster-hit revamp of Top Gear, lead presenter Evans was spotted throwing up at Laguna Seca after a high-speed passenger ride with co-presenter Sabine Schmitz

Remind me later

The more we hear about the BBC’s post-Clarkson Top Gear plans, the more it sounds like a train wreck. There have been reports of meddling management, a production team that knows nothing about cars and the departure of key staff, plus rumours that host Chris Evans struggles to talk while driving. And if you’ve ever watched an episode of the motoring show, you’ll know talking while driving is kinda key.

It turns out he’s not that great at being a passenger either, as the veteran presenter has been photographed throwing up at the side of Laguna Seca circuit, having been made physically sick after riding shotgun in an Audi R8 V10 Plus driven by co-star Sabine Schmitz.

Despite all the issues involved with filming and behind the scenes, the BBC is still insisting that production of the show is on schedule.

It’s due to kick off in May, and I really do hope the show’s various problems are resolved. Sure, we’ll have Clarkson and co’s new Amazon Prime series to watch, but I reckon we should go by the philosophy of why not both. The presence of Chris Harris and the chance for a completely revamped show has us intrigued - we just have to hope that Evans’ stomach can cope…