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320d xDrive review

320d xDrive review - Euro

Let’s be honest here people have been having the argument on whether xdrive or Quattro or even Mercedes 4matic is the better system.
For me I cannot comment as I’ve only driven the xdrive system and can quite happliy say it’s great. Yes it will slightly under steer if you push it the wrong way but compared to my old RWD 320d, the difference is not that much.
For a daily driver it’s ticks all the boxes, comfortable, fuel efficient and fun to drive.
Also having tested the xdrive in the small amount of snow days Ice Scotland had over the last few days I can say it will handle a typical Scottish winter with ease, yes fitting winter tyres will make it better in proper winter weather but in reality if the weather is that bad it’s sensible not to travel. So the Bridgestone runflats fitted to this car handled it with no problem and compared to my old car, which might I add for a RWD car was not terrible in the snow, had been a lot safer and easier to use in the poor conditions.
If you are looking at a German saloon with one of these systems fitted but are worried it will ruin the feeling of the drive then please do not be put off, but of course if you want to do skids then maybe a 320d is not for you and a more powerful RWD car would be better suited.

320d xDrive review - Euro
320d xDrive review - Euro