Capolinea - Off topic

I didn’t expect CT to shut down, and I think neither did any of you who are still active

CT was the first time I was ever active on a social network (had a Facebook account for less than a day back in 2014) back in 2017. I still remember how happy I was to engage with fellow car-enthusiasts. Had some great moments and some great discussions.

Looking back at my posts, with my broken English and heavy quantities of cringe (at least in my earliest posts), I’m still happy because of all the great people I’ve met.

If you are interested in having a chat, I have a reddit profile (u/Obsolete_Seeker), a discord profile (MrKei #2037) and a YouTube channel (

Thank you to my 68 followers and to everyone who upvoted a post of mine

This will be my last post here

My English is still kinda broken, I still don’t have a driving license nor a car, but at least I had a great time

Hope to see ya somewhere!
Have a good day/night/whatever

A Random Corolla