1959 Volkswagen 1200

Volkswagen - 1959 Volkswagen 1200 - Garage

Well here we have my dear Mary Lou. We bought her 2016 and after I fixed her, basically everything, she was my daily from 2017 until February 2018. And then the unthinkable happened. Well her restauration process is slow, but somewhat steady, but as the last picture shows there is still much more to do.

She was a daily driver in Portugal up until we bought her, which explains why she is such a cute little mess: Wrong engine 1200ccm 34 PS, wrong gearbox - Everything has been tampered with. No supplementary equipment, so beautiful in her own simple way.

But she will be back on the road, since I hold her dear in my heart. Her little antics had me more than one time stranded, thinking on how to get her off her period and back on the road easily with zipties and nice words. I even had my first police control with her. Half past one AM and the officers thought I had taken drugs because I drove with my head hanging out the window. Actually it was the only way to see because the windows were fogged over completly. The whole story is too longish to write but I might do a video or two on her.

And look at these antique wintertyres :3