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Ride On Board Manhart's Ridiculous 600bhp M5 V10-Engined E85 Z4

The Manhart MHZ4 600 involves dumping an enlarged E60 M5 S85 V10 in an E85 Z4, with predictably hilarious results

Remind me later

If you thought Manhart’s recently revealed 900bhp, £250,000 RS Q8 and 812bhp BMW M8 were the maddest two things the tuner has ever done, you ought to have a look through its back-catalogue. It’s littered with lunacy, but there’s perhaps one car which deserves the prize of the most unhinged.

It’s the MHZ4 600, which involved the arduous task of squeezing the E60 M5’s ‘S85’ 5.0-litre V10 under the bonnet of an E85 Z4. Manhart made a ‘standard’ version (below) which made a mere 542bhp after an ECU tweak, but the limited edition MHZ4 600 had its engine bored out to 5.8 litres to give around - as the name implies - 600bhp.

Ride On Board Manhart's Ridiculous 600bhp M5 V10-Engined E85 Z4 - Tuning

Thankfully, the tyres were widened to give the car some hope of setting off the line without generating large clouds of smoke, and there were some suspension and braking changes too. With getting on for double the output of the most powerful stock E85 Z4, the 600 will - if you’re feeling brave enough - do over 186mph.

Want to know what that’s like? AutoTopNL recently got behind the wheel (video at top of page) to take us all for a ride.