Alex Kersten 5 years ago 1

Remember The Harlem Shake? This One Almost Ended In Multiple Deaths

This fiery and immensely stupid footage will be the last time you ever have to see Harlem Shake. We promise!

Remind me later
harlem 1 We've all had it with Harlem Shake and Gangnam, but when we spotted this Harlem Shake Gone Wrong video, we thought it only fair to share the utter stupidity with you. A little bit like that fiery MX-5 V8 video we showed you a couple of weeks ago, these morons have zero respect for fire. harlem 2 Hit play below (if you can stand the sound of that bloody music just one more time) to see a fire cracker unexpectedly explode in this moron's face, followed by big flames, screams and a very lucky escape. People have flagged this video up as being fake, but are human beings really this stupid? Video