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Rejoice: You Can Now Put Your Name Down For An All-New DeLorean DMC-12

The reborn DeLorean Motor Company has opened up applications for pre-orders of its modernised DMC-12 reproductions

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DeLorean - Rejoice: You Can Now Put Your Name Down For An All-New DeLorean DMC-12 - News

Get your ‘Great Scott!’ memes primed and ready, as we have some very good DeLorean news to bring you today: you can now sort of reserve an all-new DMC-12.

That’s right, all new. Its all thanks to a new, separate company taking the rights to the DeLorean Motor Company name, plus a massive inventory of parts which should allow it to make around 300 modernised reproductions of the rear-engined DMC-12.

So, why “sort of” reserve? Because you can’t quite pre-order one at this stage. The company opened up a “Pre-Order Interest Application“ this week, clarifying that:

“We are now accepting applications from those with an interest in being placed on a reservation list to purchase one of the low-volume DeLorean cars. Because the standard and optional feature list is still being finalized, these are non-binding expressions of interest only. Respondents will be given first notification and priority before the ordering process is opened to the general public.”

Official details are still thin on the ground, but the revitalised DMC-12s are expected to feature modernised brakes and suspension (thankfully), plus a new engine putting out somewhere in the region of 300-400bhp.

So it’ll be way faster than the original, drive better, and still look sensational. Anyone tempted to put their name down?