My entry for the #nordschleifetrackchallenge

Kaan.H (MR2maniac) made a challenge for a track car with a budget of £15.000 which translates to about 16.960 European pesos. Seeing it I had to participate with an obscure entry that nobody would expect someone would make.

1. The car

My entry for the #nordschleifetrackchallenge - Euro

The car I chose is a Ford Focus C-Max Sport with the 2.0l Durarec HE engine. This one is the same age and has the same interior as what my dad drives. This one though has this nice gunmetal gray paint instead of that light blue my dad’s has, a sporty factory body kit, cruise control, after market alloy wheels, automatic climate control and front windscreen defroster. It also has a 2.0l engine instead of the 1.8l (although they are exactly the same except for the bore size). It costs 3.900 euros and that leaves me with a budget of 13.060 euros for upgrades.

2. Engine Modifications

Engine modifications include both maintenance items and performance upgrades. My goal is about 280-300 hp and I think all the things I have “bought” will fulfill my goal. So here are all the parts listed.

Cosworth forged connecting rods
Cosworth forged 13:1 cr pistons
Cosworth serpentine belt tensioner
Cosworth timing chain tensioner assembly
ARP main studs
ARP crank pulley bolt and washer
ARP flywheel bolts
ARP head studs
Cometic 0.76mm multi layer head gasket
Cometic EGR delete exhaust manifold gasket
Ford Genuine oil pump drive chain
Ford Genuine timing chain guide
Ford Genuine timing chain tensioner arm assembly
Ford Genuine EGR delete plate
Ford Genuine Oil filter housing gasket
Ford Genuine rear water outlet gasket
Ford Genuine breather to block gasket
Ford Genuine front main seal
Ford Genuine rear main seal
Ford Genuine oil pump
Ford Genuine water pump
Ford Genuine timing chain
Ford Genuine thermostat and housing
Victor Reinz intake valve stem seals
Victor Reinz exhaust valve stem seals
Victor Reinz valve cover gasket
Mahle std size rod bearings
Burton Power std size main bearings
Kent Cams VS59 dual valve springs
Kent Cams titanium valve spring retainers and clips
Kent Cams 296deg competition cams
OMEX individual throttle body with engine management kit
OMEX single throttle cable linkage kit
OMEX water temp sensor
OMEX intake air temperature sensor
Bosch 450cc fuel injectors
Magnecor 8.5mm spark plug wires

The grand total of the engine parts comes to about 7.460 euros purchased from Burton Power leaving me with 5.600 euros in the bank.

3. Drivetrain upgrades
Ceika Performance custom big brake kit: 330x28mm 6 piston front, 304x22mm 4 piston rear with e brake and race pads. 2.470 euro
Ceika Performance Type 1M coilovers with custom race valving and pillowball (camber and caster adjustable) mounts. 994 euro
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch kit with lightweight flywheel 685 euro

The brakes, the coilovers and the clutch will leave 1451 euros in the bank.

4. Selling stock parts that I don’t need
The first thing to go is the ugly aftermarket wheels and tires for 350 euro.
Next I will be selling the stock shocks and springs for 170 euro.
Then I will be selling the stock pistons, rods and cams all together for 200 euro
The stock brakes will bring 200 euro
The stock exhaust will be going for 80 euro

The proceeds from selling the old parts will boost the budget to 2.451 euro

5. Exhaust
Milltek Fiesta ST150 header 360 euro
Milltek Fiesta ST150 decat pipe 85 euro
Jetex sharp 90deg bend 12.5 euro

The exhaust system is essentially a straight pipe with a turn-down that ends below the driver leaving 1963.5 euro to the budget.

6. Wheels and tires
Enkei RPF1 18x8.5 et40 5x108 1212 euro for a set.
Toyo Proxes R888R 244/40R18 769 euro

Now I have 12.5 euro in my pocket. Enough for a 24 pack of beer and two bags of potato chips (crisps) from Lidl.

The Focus C-Max might not be the best car for track competition, especially the Nordschleife, but I think it is one of the least expected to show up there. I dedicated a lot of time for this build and I have chosen every bit very carefully. I hope you appreciate it.