ZYRUS Lamborghini LP1200 on the Nürburgring! FULL ONBOARD LAP

The ZYRUS LP1200 Lamborghini started its life as a “stock” Huracan Super Trofeo, however after many modifications done by Zyrus Engineering, not much left is stock.
The V10 engine now has TWIN Turbo’s and on it’s highest setting, it produces around 1200HP.
Combine that with the 1200 kg weight of the car and approx 1200 kg of downforce at full-speed, the Zyrus LP1200 has a 1-1-1 ratio!

Join us onboard with racing driver @Fredrik Sørlie for 6min48 FULL lap (not BtG!).
This run was done during a trackday on a sunny day at 30 degrees C, and with some traffic.
Fredrik thinks he can get a couple of seconds of the time if he can do a lap without traffic.
Two days later, Fredrik and his team decided to give it another go.
Unfortunately the car had a tire blowout at more than 200 km/h at the section called Kesselchen.
(footage of the tire failure and small crash are at the end of this video).