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Well I've made some slightly bizarre deals over the past couple days...

Well I've made some slightly bizarre deals over the past couple days... - Off topic

So, I just kind of got bored with my bike, found this clean Passat with a great service history as the previous owner had it for 10 years. Listed my bike for sale and found a buyer for it almost immediately, so I went ahead and purchased the VW. I managed to get a picture where I still had both of my silver beauties but then pretty much exactly 24 hours later from buying the Passat I had already sold my bike. I rode almost 4000kms with my bike in just a little over a month so I got to enjoy it quite a bit.

The Passat is now my personal high mileage hero as it’s got the legendary 1.9tdi engine and it’s only covered 445k kilometres. The clutch, turbo, shocks etc have been replaced during the last 100k kilometers so it feels really fresh and good to drive. The bonnet and the trunk lid have been repainted so the car is pretty much completely rust free. I’m quite pleased with the find and my aim would be to get it at least over the half a million kilometer mark, I should be racking up a decent amount of kilometers from all of my commutes and roadtrips.

It’s a shame how the CT app has been left to rot away on it’s own. I’ve really enjoyed my time on this app but I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to bother spending time on this app. So don’t be surprised if you’ll see less and less posts from me.