Punting Your Fellow Club Racer Into The Barrier Is A Dick Move

At the VAG Trophy meeting last weekend at Brands Hatch, a Golf GTI driver aggressively shoved a competitor from behind, sending him flying into a barrier

Remind me later

For pushing Darelle Wilson’s VW Scirocco off track, Golf driver Toby Bearne was excluded from the entire race meeting, costing him two victories. He also had six points added to his racing license.

It’s important to remember with videos like these, that unlike when we see an incident at a higher level of motorsport, there aren’t huge, well-funded teams behind the racers to stick the cars back together. Getting back on track after a big accident is something that costs the competitors a great deal of money and heartache, which is why needlessly aggressive behaviour like this is such a sad thing to see in club-level motorsport.

We hope Wilson can get himself back out racing soon.