Possible ABS Failure Leads To Flying Seat Ibiza At The Nurburgring

This Ibiza driver suffered a massive lock-up on the Nordschleife, leading to painful Amrco contact

Remind me later

What we have here is a Nurburgring crash that’s a little more unusual than the power oversteer-induced Corvette smash we saw last week. It’s strange because as the little Seat comes into the frame, it looks as though it should make the corner.

Regardless, the driver slams on the brakes - perhaps out of panic - and for whatever reason, the ABS doesn’t function. Maybe it was a failure, or it could have been somehow disabled, but the end result is the same - the car stops turning and goes straight on, right into the Armco barrier. Ouch.

Thankfully, the occupants - unlike the two people in the Corvette crash - quickly get themselves out of harm’s way.