My #NFSTokyoNights dream DLC, the King of Clubs expansion:

My #NFSTokyoNights dream DLC, the King of Clubs expansion: - Gaming

As some of you may know, there’s a trend going around that I happen to love, where people are creating the perfect NFS game for 2019, I think this was started by Straightuphippo. I thought I would design a DLC for it. So here you have it, the King of Clubs DLC…

The main point of this doc is to add more customization, and more story, along with some new cars.

Story: you will have to defeat leagues of different kinds of street racing disciplines all over Tokyo. You can find touge/drift teams such as Dog Fight Pro in the mountains, and the docks, street racing/time attack teams such as Misfortune Company in the streets, and the Tokyo underground, Wangan teams like Mid Night Club can be found on the wangan highways, Drag teams like Dusk Warriors in the shipyard and the abandoned military base, and Rally teams like Screaming Angels on the rally island. You will have to battle against racers in these clubs and eventually face off against the club bosses, with possible pink slip races.

Customization: parts will be added from aftermarket manufacturers like Abflug, Top Secret and ABR and many others, to bring a lot of 90s style mods into the game, of course more modern ones will be added as well.

Cars: many cars will be added including the Celica MK1, the Silvia S14, the RX7 FB and FC, the Mk3 Supra, R33 GTR, RCF, 300ZX, Testarossa, Scuderia, Charger Daytona, Plymoth Duster, Plymoth GTX, GTO Judge, and many many more

What else would you add?